What Matters when Buying a Golf Swing Analyzer?

access_time April 15, 2016

Amateur golf players need all the help that they can get to improve their game. If you’re a beginner in this sport, you definitely need to use a golf swing analyzer to improve yourself. This device will provide precious data regarding your swing, allowing you to analyze everything about your game. But to make sure that you purchase a quality golf swing analyzer that can truly help you improve your golf game, you must know what to look for. Therefore, if you want to find out what actually matters when buying a golf swing analyzer, continue to read this article.
What Matters when Buying a Golf Swing Analyzer Picture


The golf swing analyzer will connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device, allowing you to review, record and adjust your swings after analyzing the data provided by the device. Therefore, you must make sure that the golf swing analyzer is compatible with the operating system that your mobile device uses. The best thing to do is to purchase a golf swing analyzer that is compatible with both the iOS and the Android operating systems. This way, you ensure that the golf gadget will be compatible with your phone even if you change it.


The weight of the golf swing analyzer is important because a heavier model will probably be inconvenient to use when you play golf. Therefore, look for a model that is light. Otherwise, you might find that you won’t be able to use the device because it will be an inconvenience. If you take a look at this Epson M-Tracer review, you will see that the Epson swing analyzer only weights 15 grams, being one of the lightest swing analyzers of the moment. Moreover, the Epson M-Tracer swing analyzer has a compact, oval shape which doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Attachment feature

It’s extremely important to choose a golf swing analyzer based on how you prefer the device to be attached. Golf swing analyzers can be attached to the shaft of the club, the end of the club, or they can be attached to the glove. The best type of golf swing analyzer to go with is the one that you find most convenient to use.

Key swing parameters

Of course, the key swing parameters that the device records are very important. The golf swing analyzer should record data like club head speed, swing path, tempo, face angle, putts per hole, club distances, fairway hits, impact zone, loft, lie, hip rotation, shaft lean, swing plane, and swing speed. Therefore, look for a model that is able to record as many of these data as possible to be able to keep track of all the aspects of your swing. The more swing parameters that it can record, the better your game will be.

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