What Makes a Good Infrared Heater

access_time January 24, 2016

When the cold weather comes, you must use an infrared heater to provide warmth to your home or office. But for you to be sure that the model you are spending your money on is truly good, you must first know what makes a good infrared heater. If you want to find out, continue to read our article.
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What is the size of the area that it can heat?

All infrared heaters are designed for a certain heating capacity. In case you’re looking for an infrared heater for heating a certain room, go with a model that can heat from 300 to 1000 square feet. If you only want to heat a small area, you should go with a radiant infrared heater as these models only heat what’s in front of them. In case you want to heat a large room, you should go with a powerful quartz infrared heater for the job.

Size and weight

Another important aspect that you must take into consideration when choosing an infrared heater is the size and weight of the unit. In case you don’t have a lot of free space available for the heater, go with a compact size model. In case that space isn’t a problem for you, go with bigger sized models that provide the necessary amount of heat to effectively warm up the room in which you intend to place them in. Just remember that bigger units are harder to move around. Therefore, it’s best to know exactly where you intend to place the unit when you bring it home.

What life expectancy does the unit have?

Infrared heaters produce heat through bulbs or through infrared quartz tubes. These items don’t last forever, which is why you should pay attention to the rated lifespan of the unit. The lifespan can be anywhere between 10000 to 60000 hours, and it mostly depends on the brand that produces the model. Most manufacturers list this information, and it’s wise to purchase a model that has this information listed.


The warranty can tell you a lot about the infrared heater in which you are interested. A longer warranty means that the manufacturer trusts the quality of the product. Also, it ensures that your risks associated with the purchase and use of the unit will be minimized. Most high-quality models come with a warranty that ranges between 1 and 3 years.

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