Top 3 Most Accurate Body Fat Analyzers

access_time June 29, 2016

Nowadays, losing weight is much easier because you can use all kinds of devices designed to help you get rid of excess fat and gain muscle mass. But how can you tell when you are really losing weight or if you are achieving the desired body composition? The answer is with the help of accurate body fat analyzers like the following three that show the best results in measuring your body parameters.
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Omron Body Composition Monitor

This is one smart device that can measure not one or two but seven different body parameters like weight, body fat, body mass index, resting metabolism, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, and body age. All these numbers contribute to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and the goals for 3 other users as it can store data on 4 individual profiles. The measurements are read in seconds and they are 100% accurate due to the advanced bioelectrical impedance method used by this body fat monitor.
Top 3 Most Accurate Body Fat Analyzers Picture

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

If you have been investigating body fat analyzers for a while, you probably have heard about this great device that measures your body weight, body fat, heart rate, and the environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Due to the wireless connectivity, it then transmits the data to the app that can be downloaded on any Android and iOS device so you will be able to check your weight loss progress at any time. The accuracy of this device is based on the position control that makes sure the readings are very precise as long as you keep your feet in the right position.
Top 3 Most Accurate Body Fat Analyzers Picture

Tanita BC554 Ironman InnerScan Body Composition Monitor

This body fat analyzer is perfect for home use and it offers very accurate results in measuring a wide range of body parameters. Using and advanced bioelectric impedance analysis, it manages to capture information regarding your weight, your body fat, muscle mass, the level of water in your body, the metabolic age, bone mass, and it even rates your physique. All these details allow you to get a bigger picture of your body composition so you will know how to adjust your diet and workouts. This device can memorize the details of 4 different users and displays the information on a wide 2.25” screen.

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