Things that Matter when Buying a Robot Vacuum

access_time March 11, 2016

To make sure that you are purchasing a quality robot vacuum, there are certain things that you should look for. In the following lines, we will show you exactly what are the things that matter when buying a robot vacuum. Since research is very important when buying a new product, we advise you to check real opinions and see how a model differs from another before investing your money or you will end up regretting your purchase. Therefore, continue to read if you are interested.
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The most important aspect that you must look for when purchasing a robot vacuum is the unit’s suction power. A model that offers high suction power will be able to effectively clean the carpets, picking up stubborn debris like pet hair and other small debris that gets stuck there. A lot of high-end models on the market have features that give them a boost in power whenever they detect a carpet underneath. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you’re using a quality model that will actually do a great job at cleaning the carpets, make sure that it features powerful suction.


When referring to the intelligence of robot vacuums, we refer to their navigation system. A quality robot vacuum is one that is able to map the surface of the room before it starts operating. This way it is able to choose the fastest and shortest path to vacuum the floor and carpets. By doing so, it doesn’t only save time, but it saves energy as well.

Battery life

When buying a robot vacuum, make sure that it runs on a powerful lithium-ion battery. Older models used nickel-metal hybrid batteries that didn’t provide a long operation. On the other hand, the lithium-ion batteries used on the modern high-end robot vacuums can provide as much as 2 hours of continuous operation, regardless of the floor surface.

WiFi connectivity and smartphone compatibility

The most important feature that you must look for when buying a robot vacuum is for the device to be WiFi compatible, and to come with an app that ensures mobile compatibility. This way, you will be able to monitor the robot vacuum’s activity even when you’re away from home. Also, you will be able to program the unit to run at any time you desire through the mobile app. In the hectic world that we live in, nothing will bring you more joy than arriving home to find the carpets and floors clean due to the fact that you have already set the robot vacuum to clean them prior to your arrival.

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