How to Choose a Durable Robotic Pool Cleaner

access_time June 3, 2016

The robotic pool cleaners have many advantages when compared to a manually cleaning and here are some of them: they reduce the effort one has to make when cleaning the pool, they offer a more thorough cleaning at a lower cost and they spare you of time wasted on this activity. Also, they provide additional help for pool water filtration systems, improve water clarity and help to circulate the pool chemicals. Since there are many models available on the market, this article will offer you some useful information on how to choose a durable robotic pool cleaner.

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Pool size

After you’ve decided to buy a robotic cleaner, you have to consider the size of the pool. Each model has information on the maximum pool size they can cover and on the cord lengths. The models which provide the longest cords have a range from 120 ft to 150 ft, which is usually enough for most private pools. Therefore, you have to analyze the exact pool size and choose a pool cleaner that will reach all the corners. As a tip, you have to keep in mind that you will also need to measure the distance between the electrical source and the pool.

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Pool surface

This is another aspect to consider when you choose a durable robotic cleaner for your pool. Some models can sweep, filter and clean all kinds of surfaces, but there are some that can damage them. Among the common surfaces are concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and tile. Tile, although is among the most common types, can be easily damaged by some pool cleaners. Therefore, be careful and prevent this from happening.
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Wall climber

Some models are a wall climber, some are only floor cleaners and you have to brush the walls manually. The best choice is to pick one that is able to scrub the walls, and do all the job for you. Check the manufacturer specifications before buying the robotic cleaner and choose the one that suits you best.
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A robotic pool cleaner has one or more cleaning cycles that will operate before it automatically turns off. The time of the programs varies from 3 to 8 hours and some may even have a remote control. Take all this into consideration and decide what is best for you before buying a robotic pool cleaner.


There are many models that provide highly efficient filter, so this is another aspect to consider when you’re looking for a robotic pool cleaner. These filters usually operate independently of the main pool’s filtration system and you only need to plug them in and supervise their work.

Read pool cleaner reviews

To be fully informed about the pros and cons of different pool cleaners, you can compare robot pool cleaners on, a website which analyzes all the specifications that dictate a pool cleaner’s efficiency. On this website, you can find honest reviews of all the pool cleaners that matter. Moreover, that website also features a comparison of the top 10 best automatic pool cleaners of the moment.

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