Best Value Clothes Steamers

access_time February 19, 2016

A handheld clothes steamer can be a great addition to your home. It’s easy to use and very practical. For people who travel a lot, a handheld steamer is one of the best solutions. Steamers are easy to maneuver because they are lightweight and they are easy to use since they require very little setup. If you are thinking about buying a steamer, you should know that the best ones produce continuous steam and are lightweight. We have gathered for you some of the best value handheld clothes steamers.

Ultra mini travel fabric steamer

This little handheld steamer is perfect for both home and travel steaming. It removes wrinkles from all fabrics without producing any damage. You can also use this steamer on dresses, skirts, suits, tablecloths and even on curtains. This amazing handheld steamer has 850 watts of steam power and 5 changeable steam heads which will allow you to find the perfect attachment for any fabric steaming task. The Ultra Mini is easy to maneuver being lightweight and slim in size, and it operates just with tap water. Moreover, you can remove wrinkles quickly and it’s faster than ironing. On the other hand, it has a short steam duration and the steam flow isn’t powerful enough. It’s recommended to turn it off from time to time to prevent overheating the plastic elements.
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Rowenta IS6200 compact valet full-size garment steamer

The Rowenta steamer is known for its technological innovations and high quality. Plenty of people choose this steamer because it is durable, powerful and easy to use. It has a fast steam delivery and a high-output steam flow. That’s why it can power through the toughest wrinkles. This steamer comes with a telescopic pole which adjusts for comfort and collapses for compact storage. Even if it isn’t so small, it will be easy to transport, because it has a nice suitcase with wheels. It’s good to know that it works with tap water and heats up quickly. However, you should also know that the handle gets very hot, the hanger will be difficult to use and the cord is too short.
Conair GS23 extreme steam handheld fabric steamer with dual heat3

Conair GS23 extreme steam handheld fabric steamer with dual heat

This steamer is one of the most popular handheld steamers on the market. Due to its dual heat feature, it can handle a variety of fabrics from more delicate fabrics to tough fabrics. You should know that the dual heat settings allow you to steam a wide range of fabrics including silk cotton, wool and more.
Rowenta IS6200 compact valet full size garment steamer2
Moreover, this clothes steamer is lightweight and easy to handle. It heats up quickly and it has a long power cord. On the other hand, it doesn’t have instructions for using the attachments, it’s heavier and bulkier than others and it leaks if used in other than an upright position.

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